Spring Hill Employees Prevent Fraud

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, a non customer presented a check to CNB tellers Tara Roberts and Lauren Nesbitt to be cashed. The check had been altered, and Tara and Lauren refused to cash it. FSR Jennifer Barnett called the actual customer to verify the information and the customer did not know the person presenting the check. After further conversation with our customer, he disclosed that he had mailed 11 bills that day and all the mail had been stolen from his mailbox. We placed stop payments and opened a new account for him. He is thankful to the staff for their diligent efforts in catching and preventing any further loss.

The photo shows the three CNB employees at the Spring Hill branch with the flowers the customer sent to the bank in appreciation of their customer service.  Pictured L to R:  Tara Roberts, Lauren Nesbitt, Jennifer Barnett